The Hidden Hazards of Fake Cosmetic Products and How to Evade Them

Forgers can manufacture and distribute their counterfeit products around the globe. It’s mostly done in secrecy. As forgers become more skilful at producing almost perfect counterfeit packaging, they are easily mistaken for the authentic product by customers. Even some of the most established beauty brands are unable to control the authenticity of beauty products sold by third party retailers. 

These counterfeit products generally do not meet the safety standards of the FDA, which forbid unhygienic conditions where products are manufactured, packaged and stored and it prohibits the use of various substances which could have harmful effects on consumers. There are anti-counterfeit inspectors who have come across unhygienic conditions in various centres that produce and store counterfeit beauty products. Traces of harmful substances can be found in these products, such as arsenic, mercury and lead. 

The Problem With Unauthorized Resellers

Occasionally, even when products are genuinely from the beauty brand, unlicensed sellers find ways to get diverted products and open stores as third-party retailers and sometimes they even create their own e-commerce websites. This diversion

This deviation is illegal. The issue with purchasing products from unauthorized retailers is that there is a lack of information regarding how the products are stored and their expiry dates. The strength and effectiveness of ingredients can be adjusted in extreme heat or cold. The texture of the products can also be affected. Products that have been destroyed or reached its expiry date will prove to be ineffective. However, in the worst case scenario, the counterfeit products can cause skin irritations or even infections. 

How to Evade Counterfeit Beauty Products Online

Purchase from certified sellers

The simplest way to ensure you are purchasing authentic products is to purchase them directly from the brand or its certified resellers. Certified retailers are generally listed on the brand’s official website. 

Beware of bargains that are too good to be true

If you receive a great offer from a reseller that you have not previously heard of, the deal is most likely too good to be true. If you are trying to save a few bucks on beauty products, there are numerous ways this can be done. Many online sites offer free shipping; discounts on your first purchase; discounts for signing up to their newsletter flash sales; etc. Several online beauty stores also have a loyalty and rewards system, which can help with saving. 

Forgers are bad news. They violate the intellectual property of authentic products. They make use of immoral shortcuts, which means that products can be contaminated, destroyed, or expired. Nothing good comes from using counterfeit products.